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David & Vanessa

Who doesn’t know Bali island with white sands beach ? Bali is identical with the beauty natural with sands with cliff and big rock along the coast. making our eyes not blinking and amazed with atmosphere of beach. David and Vanessa come to bali from Hongkong, they prepare to make prewedding photo in Bali for the big day wedding in Hongkong. They choose Melasti beach to make couple love story in Bali

Melasti Beach is a beautiful beach located below a high cliff, unspoiled blue sea, make Melasti beach to be one of the best beach in Bali, located in Ungasan 30 minutes from Kuta area. So many couple and tourist want to visit and capture special moment at this beach. the Melasti beach began repaired road to more easier reach the beach. High cliffs cleved used as a road with many bends, from the top of cliff the road looks beautiful with limestone cliffs. Yes limestone cliffs is most favourites place here, have small road between the big limestone. In the eastern part there is a cape, made naturally from limestone. the place is very close to the waves, the position that leads to the middle of the sea. In the west is the best place to see the sunset, here is last location to take special moment with David and Vanessa, with laught and dance until the sun goes down.

Location : Malasti Beach

Photographer : Dedex


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