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Isaac & Larrisa

Capturing post wedding of Isaac & Larissa from New Zealand, fortunately we had a chance to capture their moment of Larissa, she is fashion blogger and youtuber. We are so exited to have photo session with this romantic couple, they enjoy every second time of our session. We start our journey to capture their romantic moment in beautiful scenery of tegallalang rice field. Beautiful nature such as sunrise, green leafs of rice paddy we deliver an amazing moment of this couple into a beautiful picture.

The sun is getting higher and we continue our session to another beautifull scenery. After we enjoying a romantic moment at rice field, for the next session we go to Blangsinga waterfall. Water flowed so swiftly and sun shine so bright as they welcome this love birds. Every grain of water becomes a wonderful from the waterfall, The sounds of water and sunshine make magnificent session for morning shoot.

At the end of the day that matter is love and memories so make sure you give it and make sure you make them. “Trent Shelton"

Location : Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Blangsinga Waterfall

Photographer : Dedex


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