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Jonathan & Norina

Stay in United State, Jonathan and Norina choose Bali as a place where they unity their love. Jonathan propose Norina in a island who known as the last paradise. Sunrise and sunset in Bali being witness of their love story. Their love story fuelled by many sweet memories in some romantic places in bali and we capture their love story into a sweet photo.

Ubud promoted as an arts and culture center but beside that ubud also have beautiful panorama. As a best city in Asia, ubud have beautiful traditional tradition, and beautiful nature such as rice field, waterfall, temple and etc. Its the perfect place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon with a touch of a spirituality and plenty of a serenity.

First we take photoshoot at cekingan rice paddy field, the most popular terrace rice paddy field in bali. Cekingan rice paddy field provided us a serene rice paddy field. Sunshine come from the back of a hill and pass through the rice paddy field and show us a different style of sunrise in bali. After we enjoy the photo shoot in a nature, we continue the journey to the balinese temple in Ubud. Bali known as the island of god with hundred temple through Bali. Balinese temple is a place where balinese hinduism worship the god. Balinese temple or we can called as Pura build with balinese architecure accordance to rules, style and guidance base on balinese hinduism. In the end of the journey, norina and jonathan take a shoot in the Ubud bridge, over the wos river in Ubud. At the north side of this bridge we can see beautiful nature. The old style of the bridge completed norina and jonanthan story in Bali.

Venue : Cekingan Ricefield & Ubud 

Photographer : Dedex


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