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Michael & Sisca

Intimate Romantic wedding of Michael and Sisca make their wedding dream in Bali island being come true, Before they have marriage, they have a long relationship before they say i do, the story began when Sisca live in Bali for study and meet with Michael. They know each other for being introduced by friends, and until finally deciding a relationship, they are in a long distance relationship ror a few years. Distance proves to be no obstacle for a couple who is meant to be together. And finally Michael propose Sisca in bali paradise. They setting their marriage as a unforgettable moment in their life and the story begin into the wedding day in Bali

Michael and Sisca choose Cathedral church in Denpasar as a place they exchange their vows. This place full of romantic and sacred atmosphere. Cathedral church have beautiful balinese architecture. Combination of unique balinese architecture and white flower decoration being perfect backdrop of wedding in bali. 

After their exchanges their marriage vows in Chatedral church they continue to celebrate their wedding reception in Alindra villas. Happiness in a marriage is not only felt by this couple but family and close friends also feel it. Michael and Sisca spread their love by showing their happy smile.They enjoy their spectacular reception with smile, laughed, and dance. Absolutely we can feel their love and happiness all along their party. We love it to capture every moment of this happiness couple.

Location : Cruch Cathedral Roh Kudus, Alindra Villa

Photographer : Dedex


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