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Robert & Michelle

Rays of light from the sunshine with cloudy in the morning make a beautiful feel of Robert and Michelle love story in Bali island . Capturing beautiful memories in a beautiful place known as tegallalang rice field. Bali have beautiful Rice terrace, the rice terrace means the level rice field neatly arranged by the local farmer. Beautiful natural view seemed want to take a part into a love stories of these couple. A beautiful sunrise, green young leafs of rice paddy, the sound of water fell just would like to accompany every moment we capture from these happy couple. 

After a session in rice field, these love bird choose another beautiful place as a background of their love stories. Blangsinga waterfall have a memorable  atmosphere.The sound of water make every one feel so calm and sun shine make it feel better warm. And The sun's exposure to every grain of water becomes a wonderful combination for every happy moment of this couple at the photo frame.

Happiness is taking a picture and build memories in  beautiful places with some one who you love

Location : Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Blangsinga Waterfall

Photographer : Dedex


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